We offer a complete line of bath and shower bases, walls, doors, and kits to meet your bathroom designs. Each product is of superior durability and appearance. suiting your specific bathing needs.

To meet accessible bathing needs, Mehta Ceramics offers the Seated Safety Shower Curtain Enclosure Set allowing easy transfer in and out of the shower and fit in the spaces of a standard bathtub. The Seated Safety Shower is perfectly complemented by the Shower Curtain Surround.

Finish off any shower or bath with Mehta Ceramic's bath and shower doors. The doors are available in a variety of finishes, dimensions, and glass patterns including custom order doors that can be made to your specific requirements.

Taking a shower may be the most relaxing time of day. For this reason, it is vital to prepare your bathroom with the best items to make it comfortable. For hundreds of years, doctors have recommended to the showers like a very healthy activity in our lives, so it's time to check if you have everything you need in your bathroom to enjoy a relaxing shower. First in reviewing in your Shower Curtain Enclosure Set is the screen. Is it appropriate for your bathroom? Is it of a proper type? Clear, frosted, etc.

Showers have evolved much since the time when there was only one bucket of water to the cutting edge devices that we currently enjoy. Apart from the incredible evolution in shower accessories, it is necessary to mention the variety of designs in the Shower Curtain Enclosure Set.

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