We are distributors of TopCer Porcelain tiles in Mumbai, India. TopCer Porcelain tiles are known for their unique sizes, shapes, textures and finishing pieces that allow their never ending use in all sorts of wall and floor areas, especially in very demanding ones in what concerns: Breaking Strength, Wear, Acid and Frost Resistance and Non-Slip properties. Allied to lifetime durability of TopCer tiles, there is the beauty of "Albion" (Victorian) Geometric Panels and Borders, mesh mounted (for speedy accurate installation) to create complex floors from simple elements (Squares, Triangles, Strips, etc).

Unglazed Fine Porcelain Tiles in size 10x10 and 15x15 (cm), in several textures and shapes, complemented by 49 matching trim pieces, all of them available in 30 colours. Sizes 7,5 X 15, 10 X 30 and 30x30 (cm) are also available in 15 colours. Due to the product technical characteristics (high breaking strength, resistance to wear, frost, acid and non-slippery properties), TopCer tiles are mostly used in all types of high demanding traffic areas, being sold mainly through architectural and design specifications.

Topcer Porcelain tiles are mainly used in facades, swimming pools, saunas, changing rooms, as well as in all sorts of heavy traffic floors and walls, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, private houses, restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, supermarkets, industrial areas, industrial kitchens, as well as railway/metro/petrol stations, etc.

TopCer "Victorian Designs and Borders" and TopCer "Contemporaneo Series" back mesh mounted in modular sheets are mainly used in palaces, museums, hotels, restaurants. pubs, old floor restorations, etc..

Following are some of the applications of TopCer Porcelain Tiles. You may click on the below pictures for more detail information:


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